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Have you ever enjoyed listening music with LP, TAPE, or CD Player?

1. Bainil will give you the brand way of listening music on your mobile device with analogue sense.

2. First, 1 you should install Bainil App into your mobile device, 2 purchase albums on Bainil, 3 and sign up for Bainil. Once you become a Bainil member, you can download or listen to the albums on any mobile device you have and as well.

Bainil App

Once you install Bainil App on your device,

  • You can easily purchase albums of your favorite artists from Bainil App.
  • It's not just music-listening. You are getting albums of great value.
  • You can make your own album collection from purchasing albums.
  • You will experience one of Bainil's special features, "Sing Along Recording" which will allow you to sing along with the Intrument Track.
  • You can choose which player you want to play with among CD, TAPE, and LP.

1 Enjoy music in your device with Bainil - "My iPod"

You can play and listen to music in your device and choose which music player you would like to play with. See the below(CD, TAPE, LP Player).

2 Listen to Bainil albums, Record your own albums with your voice - "BAINIL"

When playing music, artist images will show up simultaneously. Also, you can record your voice singing along with the Instrument Track.In addition, you can have your own album collection compiling the track you purchased.

3 Purchase Bainil Albums - "STORE"

You can find the albums you want in music chart and search function. Click the price button, then you can easily purchase the albums.

4 Bainil Information & Instructions - "HELP"

You can experience Bainil through Bainil's new notice as well as Bainil App Guide.
Refer to Bainil App Guideline for More information about App Guide.

Web Sign in

1. If you completed sign up for the membership and purchased albums from Bainil App, you can have more exciting experience on

2. Sign in with your account.

My Page

On "My Page", 1 you can see your purchased albums, 2 and edit your profile. 3 Most interesting feature is that you could meet other users whose music preference is similar to yours.

Album Page (web)

You can go to the album page by clicking purchased albums in "Collection" or searching.

1 On "Tracks", 60-seconds-pre-listening is available. Once purchased, you can play the album or download without re-paying.

2 You can support the album of your favorite artist on Bainil. Simply click "Support" button and share with your Facebook friends.

3 You can chat with other fans who have also bought the album.

Refunds & Inquiries

Refund process will be made based on Bainil Refund Policy. All inquiries regarding Bainil App will be directed to feedback or