Sign-Up and Login

You should sign-up and login to sync the purchased album on Bainil App with web or your other mobile devices.

To sign-up or login, click the STORE menu and login icon at the top left.

01 Login

Enter your email address and password signed up for Bainil App. Then, click the Login button.

02 Sign-Up

If you are not a Bainil member yet and want to sign-up, click the Sign Up button. Provide your email address and set up the password, then select your country.

03 Sign in with Facebook

You can easily sign in to Bainil connecting with your Facebook account. Click "Sign in with Facebook", and follow the steps to complete your sign in.

Album Purchase on Store

You can purchase albums by one click on Bainil App.

01 Album Search

You have 4 different ways of finding out an album or a track on STORE.

  • 1 Search : find out by the name of musician, an album, or a track
  • 2 Featured : Albums of Bainil's pick
  • 3 New Albums : Recently released albums
  • 4 Top Albums : Albums of high sales
  • 5 Top Tracks : Tracks of high sales

02 Album Information

By clicking each album in the album list, you can go on to album purchase page.

  • 1 Purchase process will be in progress when clicking the price.
  • 2 You can check out the tracklist of the album and purchase by track. You are even free to enjoy 60-seconds-pre-listening of the tracks.
  • 3 Explanation about the album
  • 4 Images included in the album
  • 5 You can support the album you like and share it on Facebook.

03 Album Purchase

When you click the price button, album purchase process will start and be done through In-App Purchase payment of your device. Then, album tracks and images will also be downloaded from Bainil.

Download in Wi-Fi mode recommended for avoiding unexpected cost for high data usage.You can download again transfer failed download due to unstable network or in case you click the CANCEL button for any chance without repayment.

04 Pre-Listening

You can enjoy 60-seconds-pre-listening by simply clicking the track in TRACKLIST or SONG in CHART.Tracks you have pre-listened will be automatically stored in your Wishlist. You can even purchase among tracks if you want.

Album Listening on Bainil

You can play the albums or tracks on BAINIL you have purchased from STORE.

  • 1 All the purchased tracks that are purchased by track unit can only be searched and played in ALL.
  • 2 Your purchased albums are shown here by album unit. By clicking the album icon, you can play the whole album. Don't get confused that the album icon will only be created when you purchase the entire album, not just some tracks of it.

01 Bainil Album

This is your Bainil album your bought from Bainil Store.

You can look into TRACKS, ARTIST, RECORDING, and CREDIT of the album by dragging the CD.

  • TRACKS : Play the tracks of the album and record your own music singing along with the Instrument Track(Sing Along Recording).
  • ARTIST : Check out the artist information and enjoy the slide of the artist images or save them into your device
  • RECORDING : Listen to your own recordings in TRACKS
  • CREDIT: Album credit information

You can move to the upper menu by clicking MAIN button on the middle right.

02 Album Play

Click the TRACKS of the CD, then you will have the tracklist of the album. Select a track you would like to play on CD Player.

Once playing, slide of the artist images will be placed in upper part. You can see the lyrics touching the images section.

  • vocal : Vocal On/Off button. When off, Instrument Track starts.
  • playlist : Move back to the tracklist of the album
  • repeat : Shuffle play
  • random : Replay

* Using the CD Drag function, you can jump to any part of the track while playing.

03 Now Playing

You can move to Bainil menu page when you click "Main" button on the right side while playing Bainil album. Then, you can go back to album-playing page again by clicking the icon of playing-CD on the top right"

Sing Along Recording

Bainil provides both Instrument Track and lyrics.With this feature, you can record your own voice singing along with the Instrument Track and share with your friends.
A headset or a microphone recommended for high sound quality.

01 Recording

During the play, you can change to the recording mode by clicking .

02 Save

When the recording is finished, click the . Then, you can adjust VOICE VOLUME and save it into your device.
You can find your recorded track in RECORDING menu and play at any time.

Making Your Own Album

You can make your own album with the purchased tracks.

01 Album Making

Move to Album making by clicking button on the top right side in BAINIL.

1 Choose the tracks you want to make an album with.

2 Select Wallpaper as well as CD image for your Bainil album among the images in the photo library of your device.

3 Click the album image, insert the album title, and OK button. Now, you have your own album!

02 Deleting Album

It will be changed to album deletion mode by pressing and holding the album icon for a second.Click the button to get rid of the album and press 'Done' on the top right side to finish the deletion process.

Music Listening on My iPod

You can play and enjoy music in your device on My iPod. You are free to go for the player skin among 4 different types.
Use a player skin for your emotional preference.  More skins will frequently come up!

Refund and Inquiry

Refund will be made based on Bainil Refund Policy. All inquiries regarding Bainil App will be directed to Feedback or