Bainil is a mobile album.

Bainil is a mobile albums makes you feel like you own real CD albums. In today's age where most people listen to digital singles, Bainil recreates the legacy and tradition of the creation and listening to whole albums with mobile applications.

Bainil includes Lyrics, Images, and Credits just like the actual CD albums with an optimized UI for the mobile platform. Bainil helps you to find that feeling when you unwrap a CD and turn the pages carefully.

Bainil is a player.

Bainil is a music player that can play any mp3 files on your phone and includes special skins for the player interface.
When you listened to music with a turntable, you felt the needle touch a spinning LP.
When you listened to music with a cassette player, you felt the buttons click to start the tape.
Bainil brings those feelings back with the player skins.

Emotional Album Design

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Bainil carries your own personality.

You can customize album art with your own pictures and listen to your favorite albums with a completely unique experience.
Not only do the original artworks hold memories in the music, but your stories are important and connected to those albums as well.
You can create ‘My album’ with the photos of places and people that come to your mind with the songs of your choice creating new ways to connect to the songs you love.
Our mobile albums also offer the original instrumentals of songs which allow you to have your very own karaoke machine in your pocket! Follow the on screen lyrics and sing along to your favorite songs.
You can even make a recording of your voice and send them to your friends.

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Bainil gives more back to the artists.

Artists or labels can gain more access to their fans and more control of their prices by registering their songs with Bainil.
When global fans buy albums in the Bainil store, the artist can check the entire purchase list in real time.
With Bainil, the artist can earn more by having control over their album prices.
At the right price, artists can generate larger album sales and in return earn higher revenues.

Bainil helps fans to support artists directly.

Fans can communicate with artists on the 'Album Page' and introduce others to their favorite artists’ albums through social medias.
If a fan buys an album through Bainil, a status update can be shown to the artist and other fans,
promoting the artist and the music they are passionate about.

Bainil connects music with global fans' mobiles.

'I bainil an Album' means 'I publish my music via Bainil.'

If you are an artist and you want to create a mobile album of your tracks, you can just upload your albums to

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  • Connecting To SNS
Bainil App Album
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  • Sing Along & Voice Recording
  • Bainil Album Store
Bainil has this meaning.

The invention of LP (Long Play) recordings in 1948 had a profound effect on music. Before the LP era, SP (Standard Play) recordings could only hold 3 or 4 minutes of music — the length of a single song. With the invention of vinyl LPs, listening to music for 30 minutes at a time finally became possible.

Thanks to the emergence of the LP, longer classical music pieces could be recorded and released as they were originally performed. Eventually Pop artists began to take advantage of the new technology by creating "concept albums," consisting of up to 10 connected songs intended to take listeners on an uninterrupted journey.

"Bainil is designed to bring back the magic of the vinyl LP to a mobile platform."

Bainil is with them.

Bainil was established by Fluxus Music and Qbox.
Fluxus Music is one of the representative Korean labels creating the unique songs of Clazziquai, Urban Zakapa, Yi Sung Yol, Winterplay, and more.
Qbox is an innovative music service company which has the world’s first social music network service,

Bainil is a service that was created to help listeners in the digtal age connect to music of all eras. Bainil was also started to help artists make better music and bring it to the forefront of mobile technology.

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