Connected Music. Bainil

Bainil(rhymes with "vinyl") spreads your music all over the world
— straight from your recording studio to your fans' mobile devices.
It's simple and easy!
"Music knows no borders,
and listeners everywhere are waiting for you on Bainil were
they can enjoy your songs enhanced by lots of exciting special features."

Why Choose Bainil for Publishing Your Music?

Get Mobile Platform Distribution

With one easy registration on Bainil, your music will become available on in both in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play as a Mobile Album. Your fans are excited to tell their friends about your music, so why hesitate?

Bainil Publishing System

Bainil's sophisticated management system "takes care of business" by giving artists a simple way to upload and sell their music. Finally you can discover the answers to these important questions:
* Who is buying my tracks?
* Where do my fans live?
* Which social networks do they use?

What’s the Difference?

You will witness your tracks selling in the blink of your eye. You can sell even the ones that you've just completed. Fans, who will be led to trying your albums from updated feeds, turn more active. They would love to interact with you and your fans. They would give you some essential feedback. Bainil app is different from other mobile streaming services. Bainil opens options for artists. For instance, we think musicians should be setting prices for own albums. In the sense, your fans would appreciate music more compared to before when they downloaded electronic mp3 files. They would familiarize themselves with you as they directly acknowledge the efforts their artists poured.

Free QR code for Promotion

Bainil will provide artists with 15 QR codes per published album. Artists can use these free album downloads to enhance promotion and publicity.

Spread Your Music

Bainil offers you many powerful marketing tools to spread the word about your music. For example, an Album Promotion Code is provided for each track registered on Bainil, allowing you to share free tracks with your fans. After all, in the age of social media, devoted listeners are one of your best marketing resources! Also, Bainil updates your albums on Social Networking Sites, making interactions with your fans easy. Don't miss this great opportunity to have your music heard by the world!

Features of Bainil Albums

You've worked hard on your music, and now your fans are hungry to dive into every aspect of it: the songs, the lyrics, the images, and the album credits! Bainil specializes in enriching your listeners' experience with striking visuals, detailed information, and sing-along capability.

Revenue Share

Artists on Bainil are paid 72% of the total sales receipts, excluding the Mobile Platform fee, which is paid directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play. This percentage rises to 79% when over $4000 is earned. If you are a registered member of a Performing Rights Organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, SACEM, GEMA, etc.), your royalty shares are paid to the relevant PRO, which then pays you.

Please see our pricing page.

Facebook Album App

Bainil provides a unique and easy way to let your fans enjoy your music on Facebook. Use the 'Album App' to link your music to your FB Page. It’s a great way to promote your music and generate profits. Add the Album App to your FB Pages and be surprised by the feedback from your fans.

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