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  • Release Date 2013-11-01


8 is the fourth album of original music by Marco Sanguinetti. This music represents the search for a new local sound with urban reminiscences. The recording of the live band has been mixed with everyday sounds added in a delicate production work, by renowned rock producer Mariano „Manza‟ Esain. In the recording participated: Jeronimo Carmona (bass), Fermin Merlo (drums), Migma (scratch), Victoria Zotalis (voice), Leila Chero (cello), Mariano „Manza‟ Esain (guitar) and Marco Sanguinetti (piano, harmonium, spoons and tablas). Mastering was made by Andres Mayo. Art direction by Laura Varsky presents a translation from music to graphics plane through eight illustrations by Leandro Castelao. The album is distributed by Acqua Records. It‟s available on vinyl since February 2014. 8 has been selected „album of December‟ by the Club del Disco and 2nd Best Album of the Year by culture magazine 90+10. Sanguinetti was recently voted the No. 1 composer by Argentinian jazz journalists, and this release came second in album of the year. Now, 8 is nominee for the 15th Latin Grammy Awards!


Marco SanguinettiMarco Sanguinetti, DJ Migma, Jeronimo Carmona, Fermin Merlo

Pianist and composer. Albums: Improvisiones (MDR Records, 2005), Los procesos de Franz (Acqua Records, 2008), El otro (Acqua Records, 2011) y 8 (CD: Acqua Records, 2013 / Vinyl: Indie, 2014). In 2010 formed the PIBE-A group (Sanguinetti-Togander- Bendov) to make a complete version of Radiohead's album 'Kid A', and did the same in 2012 (Sanguinetti-Zeppa-Migma) with Pink Floyd's album 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. Now, he leads the project Sanguinetti plays Radiohead (Sanguinetti-DJ Migma-Babjaczuk). He's often involved in audiovisual projects. Since 2008 is part of the Cia Móvil, at the musical direction, with contemporary dancer: Ines Armas and actor: Fagner Pavan. Together they integrate music, dance and theater. He has composed music for dance works: Los procesos de Franz (2008), Objetos (2010) and Asociaciones libres (2008-2013), all of them were selected at international dance festivals. Sanguinetti's musical project was considered by the local and international press as "a new genre of jazz". With his original music project he was selected to take part of the MICA's 2013 showcase: 'New Argentine Music' and in the International Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires 2013. The '8' album has been selected album of December by the Club del Disco and 2nd Best Album of the Year by culture magazine 90+10. Sanguinetti was voted the No. 1 composer of 2013 by Argentinian jazz journalists, and album '8' came second in album of the year. This album was nominated for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Sanguinetti 4et was opening group at the last concert of The Bad Plus in Argentina.

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