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  • Release Date 2015-05-19


Starting with representative songs ‘Kiss me’, ‘At Bottom’, ‘Rainy Dance’ and ‘I must Forget’, Chamsom have showed cheerful and lively acoustic sound. Their 1st regular album [Black Room] is based on ‘Night’ and ‘Room’ for all musicians’ root of creation.
[Black Room] shows our ordinary image with crying, smiling, talking and worring in the dark room.It involves Chamsom’s representative sound and new challenged music as cozy acoustic sound, hiphop with rap, strong sound with electric guitar, and so on.
The lyrics is about youth’s fresh story but in musically, it shows Chamsom’s confidence. We could naturally find our shadows of youth in their stories at [Black Room].

Chamsom최기덕, 박현수, 유지수


Acoustic band trio Chamsom is consisted of Gideock Choi (song making and vocal), Hyunsu Park (producing and playing instruments) and Jisu Yoo (song making and vocal). They’ve performed street busking with 10cm and Moongeun Jo. Their sweat and cozy melodies, frank lyrics based on daily life, and characterful voice came to the fore for music fans. From debut EP [At Bottom] in 2013to digital single [Rainy Dance] and 2nd EP [Distance Mind] in 2014, they became popular not like rookie. They came back with more various and mature story in 1stregular album [Black Room] in May, 2015. But they still keep wit and cute melody from youth’s varied sensitivity.

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