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  • Release Date 2018-11-29
  • 1. The Mist /


로큰롤라디오 (Rock'N'Roll Radio) [The Mist]

솔직하지 않아도, 말하지 않아도 오롯이 이해받고 싶은 그런 이기적인 마음, 무엇 하나 보이지 않는 뿌연 안개 속에서 누군가를 끊임없이 갈망하면서도, 나를 드러내는 것이 두려워 부단히 상대에게 상처를 주고 밀어내기만 하는 이중적인 태도.
솔직할 수 없기에 상투적일 수밖에 없는 수많은 관계, 그 안에 철저히 고립되어 버린 이의 짙은 외로움을 노래한다.

Rock `N` Roll Radio김내현, 김진규, 이민우, 최민규


Rock'n'roll Radio, who had swept several music competitions without any single or demo album of their songs finally enhanced their presence through nominating themselves on several categories of the 'Korean Music Awards 2014', as on the 'Best Modern Rock Album of the Year', 'Best Modern Rock Song of the Year', 'Best New Artist of the Year' by their first album from 2013 named , which turned out to be the winner of the 'Best New Artist of the Year'. From this achievement, Rock'n'roll Radio played all over the big music festivals in Korea and enthusiastically went abroad to perform on several foreign music festivals such as on SXSW 2014, CMJ 2014, MIDEM 2015, V-ROX 2015 and Strawberry Fest. 2016 in China. They are on the way to make their 2nd full length album to make newer, more colorful music to broaden their musical horizon over the past definition of music so called as 'Neo Psychedelic Disco' nowadays.

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