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  • Release Date 2012-08-17


Oriental garage band Eastern Sidekick (ESK) introduces their first regular album. Some might think of their lyrics as dry and unfriendly, but it is the indifference hidden in the energy that defines the band. Ever since their debut single album, ‘The City of Black & White Cartoon’, ESK has been active with their live performances near Hongdae, Seoul Korea. The band has proven its potential by being awarded multiple times as a notable rookie band, and the members will continue their progress in assimilating Western rock with Oriental lyricism. This new album is not so fancy, but still contains the unique energy of the band. The tracks range from fast tunes with hard beats to mellow songs with breezy rhythms. The band members humbly describe their music as ‘not too groundbreaking,’ but there is something unique about the sound of this band that will refresh and attract those who listen to it.

Eastern SidekickHankyul Ko, Juhwan Oh, Sanghwan Bae, Myungcheol Ko, Inhyuk Ryu


Eastern Sidekick Korea's garage rock representatives are back with a more powerful and aggressive sound. Eastern Sidekick is made up of vocalist Juhwan Oh, bassist Sanghwan Bae, Drummer Geunchang Park, guitarists Han Kyul Ko and Inhyuk Ryu. After releasing their first single ‘Monochrome Cartoon City' in 2010, Eastern Sidekick were the indie dark horses in Seoul's live club scene. Winning some of Korea’s most prestigious rookie awards like Olleh’s “Monthly Rookie” Indie Music Award and EBS’s Space GongGam “Hello Rookie" Popular Award, they captivated their fans with charismatic and daring performances. At international music festivals like Music Matters Live 2013 in Singapore, Summer Sonic 2013 in Japan, and SXSW 2015 in Austin Texas, Eastern Sidekick did not fail to impress by willing the bodies of the audience to move and jump around to their fierce performance. Now, two years after their last album [Hammer Lane], they finally will be releasing their highly anticipated new regular album [Total Reflection] in October 2015. They show a deeper, more mature, and unique sound with this new album. Also, in December 2015, Eastern Sidekick will play at The Lezhincomics V hall. They have worked hard on their new album [Total Reflection] and is slated to play a series of showcases, concerts, and festivals to finish out 2015.

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