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may-jexx Dec 23, 2013

Always evolving but still sounding great!!


  • Release Date 2013-02-05


Blessed, Clazziquai Project’s fifth Album, is made of minimal melodies blended with tightly packed, well-made sounds and down-to-earth yet sensitive lyrics. In this album, Clazziquai Project is showing off refreshing rock sounds as well as unique Latin rhythms and fully-acoustic tracks. Once they listen whole album, the listeners will find the fact that there is a variety of music genres in this album. While much of today’s music pursues “Instant-style” music focused on sensual and passionate love songs, Clazziquai Project instead presents a mature perspective on love with wonderful electronic sound.



Clazziquai Project’s debut in 2005 was a great sensation in the Korean music scene and were recognized by winning Group of the Year and Best Pop Music at the Korean Music Awards. They have also collaborated with other top acts in Asia like Fantastic Plastic Machine, M-Flo, Free Tempo, Mondo Grosso and more. Fans enjoy Clazziquai Project not only in Korea but worldwide as well. They will release 7th new album in September 2016, and hold a concert in SAMSUNG Card Hall of Blue Square.

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