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  • Release Date 2015-01-06


Everyone might have such a doubtable moment.
Why the traffic is bumper to bumper of all roads?
Why so many stairs are in front of me?
Why everything is so slow?
A time is always running to an opposite direction,
when there is someone I would dash for.

On the way to meet a loved one, where the way you wouldn't remeber,
this song depicts a man's anxiety for a belated moment.
The title song of 'The Tourist 2nd Album', "Delayed (Korean : Yeon Chak)".

The Tourist's songs always take us to THE place.
THE park where the spring flowers are blossomed,
THE campervan where the moon light is illuminated.

I always wonder THE places rather than songs which released every month.
To people who long for an escape from a boring everyday life,
this album deserve my recommendation.
Shall we take a journey with me?

By the way,
I asked to myself,
does a hurried man meet his lover on time?

The Tourist양해중, 혜수, 다루, 참치, 린지, 수잉츄, 노바, 박희철, 성상민

The Tourist is the team for travel songs

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